“When you was come” – •3•

In the street, it seemed a dead city. Noboby around, none buzz of background, just a deadly silent, just the wind that it was caressing your face.
But there were some signals of life: parked cars on sidewalks, full garbage cans, newpapers scattered on the ground, but everything seemed falled inside of a situation of immobility. 
The only sound it was resounding in all that piece of city, if it ever was  a real city, were your steps on the concrete. 
You was still thinking how it was possible what it was happened all this.
You was questioning yourself if ever this was been another strange journey, like that one we had done in that black hole.
Your thoughts were hammering you, but more you questioning yourself, more you seemed tangling yourself. You wasn’t capable to go out of it.
Inside you everything was going become grey, despite all around you it was so blinding.
The warmth of the sun it was warming your skin, but you the blood that it was running in your veins, slowly it was colding. 
You had need something that it given you a shake.
You was walking on that sidewalk, and all in a sudden, you have lifted the face, and that bar sign “We are open” with the date of that day, it has made you enter, with the certainty, at least, to find someone inside there.
But when you entered, even that bar, was empty. 
But something it has left you breathless. On the counter, there was a cold glass of beer. 
It seemed just be served, only for you. It was there with still the foam that slowly was falling on the glass.
Slowly, you approached yourself to the counter, looking at you around, understanding that glass it was exclusively for you.
You have tried to say something, but from your mouth it was came out just simply:”Hello?! Is anybody there?”, but nobody has replied.
Everything seemed a crazyness: an apparentely empty city, with clear life signs around, then a cold glass of beer just served, but nobody behind the counter.
By now, you didn’t care. You were thirsty, and you was thinking of me, and you was saying yourself:”I don’t care if it this is poisoned…” , right after a light laugh it was spreaded in that empty local.
“Don’t be idiot!… it’s not poisoned!”, and that laugh it was continued till in front of you it was presented a tiny flying creature. “Drink your poisoned beer with all calm. You will do no die… foolish!”
You have stared him for a while in silence, then looking at him you have drank some sips.
Millions of questions were running in your head, and you hadn’t opened the mouth, that flying creature spoken:
“Hey, one at a time…!”  He was reading your mind. 
You remained breathless.”


Listen to it 


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