“I have whispered” – •2•

Your name while i opened the eyes. I was rembembering your sweet smile, while you was taking my hand for make me lay on the matress of the bed camp. You was smiling tired but happy for everything we had done for Blue City. But something it was say me that it was going for the wrong side.
Something was chocking me, and i didn’t know what it was.
I opened the eyes and i wasn’t next you. 
It woke me the noises of the street, and i was on a kind a camper that it was running on a disjointed street, and some voices was accompaning that journey.
“Where am i?… where are you?” i was questioning.
Someone from inside the camper, was come to check me, but i have pretended be sleep, so i wasn’t capable to see his face; if him was a human being or some other creatures like those of Blue City. 
But i have could hear, most likely, that one was driving say:”Let her sleep, she must to rest herself”
They maybe knew who i was, but i didn’t know who they were and where they were taking me to.
They were taking me far from you.
I have take a glimpse, but i have just saw only a big back, elengantly black dressed.
From what i knew, that big silhouette, it could be another creature, and that one who was came to check me, most likely it was his son or her daughter.
From the tone of voice of driver, i got that i wasn’t in danger. The voice it was big, but in someways gentle. 
This made me feel in safe, and i smiled, under the blanket, that they had putted me on. 
But from the other side, i was scared: i didn’t know where you was, and how they had taken me away from that storage room. 
I moved away the blanket and i was capable to  see the road that we were running. It seemed a normal street with oak woods along it. These trees always had have a calming power on me, and more i was looking at them, more it was growing inside me the certainty that i have would see again your sweet smile, and slowly i touched the glass of that little window, imaging to caress your face.
The sky above us, it wasn’t promiting nothing good. It was grey and some thunders resounding in the distance. 
I heardt the driver that was saying he must had stop to check something, and he has drived till a gas station.
While the rain fallen, without make me notice, i have observed the big driver with his little.
Yes, they were another creatures.
They were dad and his son.
The Big wolf and son had the same tuxedo with tails, but the dress of the dad it seemed the same that he had wear from the first time he was a kid: tight, mended and with some piece added of cloth in some parts, and by now, the sleeves they reached his elbows, but it seemed he really don’t care, on the contrary, he was clearing it away from the dust, as if it was still the good clothe, and he did the same with the clothe of his son.
This scene made me filled the heart, and that little gesture it made think about you more.
With rain that it was falling, i got back to see outside the window of that camper, and for a second i saw you smiling me.”


Listen to it 

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