“You have ” – •1•

Awaken yourself alone in a room totally different from in which you fell asleep
You have look for me, but i wasn’t there. 
We were asleep embraced in that storage room. We were closing the eyes when everything around us, it seemed was disappearing, but maybe it was just our imagination, maybe it was only ours tiredness, and when we had close the eyes and the darkness has enveloping us, we had believed, that Morpheus was embracing us, instead..
The room wasn’t not even the bedroom of your apartment.
You have opened the window and a blow of wind has slapped your face, as if it wanted say you:”She’s not longer by side you! Wake up!”
By now, Blue City was gone, even me too.  
You was looking the new background that it was presenting itself in front of you, but it was like you didn’t see nothing. Just the cold air that was continuing to slapping your face.
You was continuing to think about me, and nothing it was counting, above all where you was. 
Your heart, silently, was calling me. 
Now everything we had done, till the last time we embraced, it was become a memory? Had you to go on, like this?
It was becoming a heavy thought that was taking over shoulders.
You got in confusion.
That was me that with a sweet glance, was gettting you back the calm in your soul, and now i was not longer close to you.
In that long sleep in that storage room, something bigger than us, it has divided us, and it had bring us in different places. That’s what you had thought. You have rembember even that long journey inside that black hole, before to land in Blue City.
You only hoped that this was another test to cross.
But that sense of void was too hard to throw it away.
Even if what you had in front it was a sunny day, inside you was reigning one of the worst moment of your life. You without me. You was that knight without her princess. 
You was spinning around that room, without know what do.
Even if you didn’t knew in which shit place you was, if you was remained still more inside that room, you would be explode.
You had that boulder in the stomach that each minute was becoming heavier.
You have look at outside the window, and maybe for the first time you have seen what you wanted to see. 
My smiling face, and maybe you have even hear my voice, and those slaps were become soft caresses of mine. 
You have closed the eyes for a while, and all in a sudden, you have decided to come out from that unknown room, for begin to orient yourself, where to go, and above all, to understand, where i could stay. 
Whispering my name, you have left the room.”


Listen to it

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