“We remained” – |85|

To stare that spiral that was taking the flight bringing away everything of bad.
It seemed the last and the only last dance of Zora, who was twirling in the sky, taking away also that greyness.
That vortex it was sweeping away also the smell that Blue City had have to bear for years, and it seemed that each little blow of new air that was entering in the city, the inhabitants didn’t know what it was, and they seemed, almost be scared of it.
But more they inhaling it, more their lungs wanted it more.
The sky above Blue City, slowly, it was becoming again the sky that we rembembered: clear and almost blinding, and slowly, around us, the colors were taking life again.
We remained stand still, speechless for what we were seeing.
Everything was getting back, as when you took me there the first time, trought the gap among Our Parallel World and Blue City.
Slowly we had realized that every ours friends approached to us.
Mantis delicately had put over me a warm shirt, and she gave you a new soft shirt, and seemed that there was no shame among us, half naked. 
We had smiled to everybody, and they smiled us back 
They seemed tired, but happy to have defeated Zora, and at the same instants, we spinned, and slowly the scenario was changing.
On the boulevard there were still victims of both sides, but what it left us breathless: every ours enemies who lay dead on the ground, it was crumbling and that new light fresh air it was sweeping it away, without touching the real inhabitants of the city, who was remaining without words for what it was happening. 
It was like if Blue City was itself shaking from all that heaviness that it had brought over its shoulders for that long time. 
Now we were assisting to her private revenge.
Our friends were scattering themselves for to give a hand to who had need of assistance.
We were so tired, and had just to rest ourselves, and sincerely we had need to remain really alone.
Among request of help, some pats on shoulders, and grateful glances, you have taken my hand, we have started to slowly walking, toward the one and the only place that we have could consider ours.
That storage room. 
Arrived there, everything seemed so different: the background sounds, new smells, and new emotions were enveloping us.
Sweetly you taken my hand and delicately you have lay me on the matress of the bed camp, and right after, you lay next to me, and silently you have embraced me sweetly. 
Little by little, our breathes has enveloping us, while we have closed the eyes.
Everything around us was disappearing.”


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