From two days

Your closiness is present here, and it’s surrounding me. 
The soft punch haven’t leave me not even a minute, and you are here looking at me.
I can perceive a new perfume in the air. 
You are looking at me, and i know, you are realizing more, that something bigger has bonded us, together.
I know, you are questioning yourself “Is this possible?”, while you are looking at me, like this.
The lump in the throat it didn’t vanished, it’s still here. 
When i have opened the eyes, i felt your arms enveloping me sweetly, and my head it didn’t stop to spin. 
I must to take a deep breathe, and close the eyes.
And you are still looking at me like this, waiting for a logical answer, but i can say you that there isn’t.
Everything is started by chance, five years ago, when you entered in my dream, and from there it’s continuing.
You are looking at me, giving me little certainty of everything is real.
I feel your perfume.
Everything surrounding us, making us beat strong the hearts.
You are looking at me, like this in silence.


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