You have

Softly embraced me and i felt your arms enveloping my belly, and slowly i have opened the eyes, and you was there sweetly smiling me. 
Also now, i feel your arms surrounding me and our connection is crossing our bodies: from the soft punch in the stomach, to our little eletric shocks, to mine trembling, and our heads that seems exploding in at any time. 
If i think to what has happened last night i starting to shake, and you are smiling me always more.
When i feel your arms surround my belly, it means everything.
You are try say me something. I can feel your eletric shocks crossing my mind, and your words are flying in whispers that are entering inside me.
Everything this makes me thrill. You can perceive it. 
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard. I have a lump in throat.
In these instants our connection is strong. 
My head is spinning, and everything begin from the stomach, and it surround everything, closing us inside Our Parallel World.
You are here, despite your real distance.
You pulling me toward your chest, and i close the eyes, throwing away the air from the lungs, tightening more your hands on my belly.
Everything starts from us. From our embrace.


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