“Slowly” -|84|

You have spinned me, and once again we looked at us.
You was still keeping that piece of cloth in your hand, and you was placing it on my hips, caressing my legs with a such delicateness, and you hands seemed light feather.
Without break away our glance one from another, you have leaned me on that false wall of our storage room, and you have taken my leg, penetrating.
Now your thrust from slow, were becoming faster, and i was feeling your desire making itself bigger, and i from that iron structure where i kept myself, i taken your shirt that slowly it opening itself, and at the end i snatched it.
In that false storage room, built from the Runic Fairies, we could hear only our wheezy breathes, and that wet noises in which you was about to wallow.
You was looking at me, and each your thrust, you was awaiting for my little moan that was not long in coming.
Seemed that everything around us was going slow, even our love, and everything this, it was coming from the last energies of Zora, who could not see us but could hear everything we were doing.
I could see your passion in your eyes, and it was like if you would had ask me to push more violently and faster. I nodded, therefore, you have taken me and you have laid me on the ground, where we have found that great white blanket, and above me, you have started to pushed yourself more inside, with more roughness. 
Each thrust was so rough and violent that i gasped. My moans reflected your every push, and they too became decisive little ones.
Our eletric shocks crossed our minds rapidily, and more you was become fast, more my soft place was becoming wet and every our senses were about to explode.
Our glances were telling us that.
Just a second before, we were look at eachother, and one second after that explosion…
The Runic Fairies, have opened their proctective shield, and the roof of that false storage room was opened, and it was come out a bright multicolor dust, most powerful than the Runic Fairies, and it was spreaded itself in all Blue City, and each tiny particles of that magical dust it has leaned on each still moldy buildings, and it has sweeping away that old rot.
Blue City was being reborn from her ashes, and their inhabitants were admiring again her beauty, but there was still that garbage mountain, and it seemed be remained like before, but now Zora was looking at it  with a sense of devoid, of defeat.
By now, we had no need of the Runic Fairies shield, and the storage room vision was vanished, and all in a sudden, we got back in that last borderline, that was slowly disappearing. 
We were in front of Zora.
We not longer had fear of her. She was looking at us with her last glimmer of badness. 
It seemed also, she was smiling at us. We looked at her just for a second, then we looked at eachother without think about her, and slowly, we have approached one another, and delicately we kissed us. 
A deadly spiral sucked her away, with everything arounded her, making her fly whirlwind in the sky .”


⇐“We looked us” – |83|

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