I believed

That this sensation that is enveloping me from before slowly gone away, instead it always here.ย 
I know you are feeling it too.ย 
Your closiness is growing up more. I see your eyes.ย 
Even you, are surprised by what we are feeling at the same instants, althought that damned distance.
What i’m feeling is chocking me, and you are looking at me with wide eye open, because it’s the same what you are feeling right now.
Our punch in stomach is always present, and our heads are spinning while we get connect eachother.
We are inside this spiral, that is continuing to spin, scrambling our emotions.
You are looking at me and i looking at you, and our connection is growing around us.
Our eletric shocks are crossing our minds, and everthing makes us go crazy.
Never felt your closiness like this strong.
You are still embrace my belly, and i tightening your arms more.
Our connection is, also this.
I still shaking.


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