“We looked us” – |83|

Intesively. We knew that what we have would do in the next minutes, it would sweep away definitely everything this, and Blue City have would saw something new. 
The idea that we have would not longer seen Bill, it still troubled me, but little by little every sad news was disappearing from my mind, and just looking at your eyes, they was taking me in that little storage room, where we accomplished some of ours biggest magic, while we were still in that last borderline, but something incredible it was happening.
The Whale song slowly it was spreading  till where we were, and the rythm of Zora was making weaker, and the Runic Fairies, seemed had strenghtened their shield, making isolate us, making us feel, really, lonely, without indiscrete eyes set on us, and little by little, what we have feel were our hearts, and everything surround us became muffled, and the only sound we have could hear it was the Whale song.
It seemed, that all in a sudden, in all Blue City, we were only us, and for magic, we were tranported inside those four walls of that storage room.
That’s what we wanted believe.
The Runic Fairies magic was so great, and now we, only had to enstrange ourselves from everything there was outside of  ″our storage room″, and start our own magic.
You have wanted got up, and you have taken my hand. 
We putted us in front one another, and delicately you have pulling me toward you till our bodies touched.
Inside that storage room, everything was at maximum, but just who was outside could have feel the energy that slowly, was growing. 
Inside, we could feel just our eletric shocks increasing, little by little, that we were sharing a glance or a gentle touch. 
Even a minum rustle of our clothes, it was provocating a big emotion for both of us.
You have pulled me toward your body so much that you have had to support me, tightening my hips, making slide your hands along the legs. 
I have stared your chest for a bit, trapped inside that shirt, while i was feeling your hand that, it was going to look for again that soft place.
Our glances met. Shyly we have smiled eachother, and then with my surprise you have spinned me, but with our bodies touching. 
In one ear you have whispered me:”Close your eyes and let yourself go”… 
In those following seconds, i have leaned myself totally to you, and that long black skirt, was slowly lifting itself up to my hips, and under that piece of cloth, your hand reaching that little soft place, while you was whispering to let me go more. 
Our breathes were accellerating. They seemed chasing eachother, and slowly, seemed enveloping us.
That little soft place, it was welcoming you, with tiny contractions, and i was holding back the finger, while you realizing that i was getting wet, and i was getting preparing myself to be spinned around once again, and this time for welcoming something bigger, and it have would take me in paradise, and it have would sweeped away forever that ugliness from Blue City.”


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