Like a blade

In my heart, what has happened last night it make me feel breathless, but you have wanted let me know it’s everything true. 
I’m starting just now, to realize you feeling it’s what i’m feeling from long time, and our eletric shocks are something real. 
Even you, lift the face up to an uncertain point, that it could be a tiny point of your desktop, or something inside you, and you begin to feel your heart fill itself of something and you starting to understand what is.
Our eletric shocks are something real, and last night you gave me the certainty of this. 
I feel your, and your feel mine. 
What i’m feeling in these instants… your closiness is something that come from directly to you, and you making me feel it, embracing me tight my belly, enveloped among your arms around me, and the soft punch is growing, while our heads are exploding at unison.
From now on, when we will looking at the sky, something it will say us, that we are looking at it the same instants, and when our eletric shock will more frequent, it will means our souls are speaking one with another, inside Our Parallel World.
Embrace me more tight, i want going crazy with you.


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