“Your kisses” – |82|

It were the only things that made warmth me in that cold atmosphere. 
Everything was getting back in his normal status, but it could be, even overturn in each moment.
Now who was in danger, was Mantis. 
We were still giving us sweet kisses, nothing more, nothing less.
As everybody, we listening to each noises that we could hear come from behind that garbage little montain, among Zora attempts to stabilize again everything that was crumbling under her eyes.
She was beating still her cane on the ground. 
Some effects seemed lasting, but at each soft kiss we giving us, everything went up in smoke.
Among Stu and the Ram there was been a gaze, and Stu nodded, and  the Ram started to go.
Let go only one creature ahead, in the meanders of that unexplored place, it was a crazyness. 
Even if the Ram, didn’t know what do, he started to walk slowly.
It seemed that, by now, every borderlines were destroyed, and little by little, every single inhabitants, creature or human being, had crossed them and now, they were in row, ready to brandish their little weapons, in case if it was necessary. 
Now, it was all in hands of Ram and Mantis, who slowly they were meeting, and Mantis had explained him everything about Bill. He must be had to get set free, before to brandish the final shot that would be touched to us, and Ram had understood what she wanted say.
Now, they both, were going around in search of the entrance of the Blue City sewers, but it wasn’t easy as they had thought.
More they were going on, more the rot smell was chocking them, and this was making getting them slow, and the search of Bill was became more difficult than they had thought, and for everybody, included us, this awaiting it was becoming  unnerving, and slowly, we didn’t knew what do.
Rapidly we have take a look at Stu, who has understood immediately what do and he taken the flight over that dangerous garbage mountain, and with much careful he made himself notice to their friends, but without explainations, he felt that smell
In Mantis’ head, it was being born that idea that she have wouldn’t meet again his friend, and she was continuing to look for the entrance of that damned manhole with tears in her thin and round green eyes.
At the end, they were Stu’s words to convince her to give up.
“We must move ourselves fast. Here each second is precious. We will cry Bill when every this will be end.”
Mantis looked at him and nodded, and she sighed “One last shot and Blue City will reborn”
They were leaving that smelly place, they went out like they entered. Slowly.
When they got back behind the bordeline, Mantis crossed our glances with a little negative nod, she made us understand how it went.
I have look at you with a glacial gaze, while a tiny tear falling from my face.
“Now it’s your turn…. destroy her” said us in a sigh Mantis.”


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