The soft punch

Has begin, lifting slowly inside me, and i felt your hands enveloping my belly. 
And now i feeling your eyes set on me, and now they don’t want break away.
One short eletric shock rapidly has crossed my mind. 
In someway you know i’m thinking about you, and you have wanted let me know it that you have felt it.
Everything this is crazy. I’m the first to admit it, but more i go on, more i realize that it’s a crazyness.
Now even the double numbers are involved in what i’ feeling, in what we feeling. 
I hold back some of the big emotion i’m feeling in these hours.
It’s from tonight that i’m asking you a thing to do, just for check something, and i believe you have felt it. I will see it if in the next hours happens something. 
And however what i feel,  when i feel your closiness, like now, it’s something that it chock the stomach and it’s arrive to the brain, with our eletric shocks, and it takes me far, and i know that’s our connection.
Here it is, another little two eletric shocks. 
What do you want say me? Or did you have heard me. 
My heart is beating strong. Your emotions are enveloping me.
I diving into your eyes, and there i find the peace that i really i want, and your voice is the only sound i want to hear. 
Take me far, take me in Our Parallel World, and let’s remain there, embrace one with another.
Give me your kisses, and i will smiling you all the love i have.



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