“Get set free” – |81|

Our friends, they reached begin of that last borderline, and they have awaited for that something that would have happen, but that in reality it was happening around them, slowly. 
The mold was sliding away from the little buildings of Blue City, and slowly from there were come out other creatures who were remained closed for fear of the consequences, but that they didn’t knew what really was happening.
In all Blue City it was breathing something that it was forgetten for long time.
All our friends was convincing every these creatures that, by now, that Zora’s Empire, was collapsing under their eyes, and they could see the decay of everything just seeing the Turquoise Building that was spreading his magic light, and it was sweeping away that rot.
By now, we knew that our next moves, it have would  to get set free everybody, but there was only one that we didn’t knew how he was, and it was Bill, prisoner of Zora, under the sewer.
Making love, we had stripped Zora by what make her so strong: her capacity to terrorize and to make useless experiments mixing human beings with other creatures.
But more we were going on, more we must had to be careful.  
Surely, we had one last shot in the barrel, but we had to use it when we have would have the certainty that inside the sewer there was no one. 
Also the inhabitants, slowly in a deadly silence, were approaching to the last borderline, where Lizard, Stu, the Ram, Mantis and the Chameleon woman were. 
They were putted themselves in row, and now they seemed the judge, the jury and the executioner, but seemed they knew, who and what had to wait. 
Mantis looked at us, for a moment. We who were still entwined one with another.
Now you was above me, and you was looking at me intensively, and trought your glance, you made me understand that Mantis was, furtively, looking for to understand if she could see Bill in the sewer. 
I saw her shadow, when she have crossed the borderline trought the sidewalk.
My heart stopped for a second, and right after i looked at you with wide eye open, and you immediately, have sighed me “Be calm… look at me…” 
Delicately you have leaned your lips on mine, and you have started to kiss me, as if it everything it was being part of a  plan: and that it was.
Among your kisses, there were even words that getting calming me: i had fear for Mantis. She was bypassing that manhole from behind, and till now, none made it.
But now, we could not do anything: we could just weaken Zora, standing in front of her, entwined one with another, kissing us.
Ready to shot her, making succumb her in her own  mold.”


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“Your kisses” – |82|⇒


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