Can i whisper

You how much i feel your closiness, altought we are so far one from another.
And it’s happened once again.  You know what i mean, and it’s happened just after i felt our eletric shocks cross our minds. 
By now i think it is not a coincidence, but something real magic. 
It will be like this, each time that it will be happen. 
I’m throwing away air from the lungs from much time, and our soft punch is always there.
We are inside these great emotions that involve much part of our being, and each time it happen, it’s like the very first time, at least for me, but i know it’s the same also for you.
We fall in a bit in confusion, and all this spiral it is envelope us, and it is take us inside Our Parallel World, where our minds, our hearts, our souls delicately touch.
And despite our distance, we are feeling closer than ever.
Sometime when i think to all this i can’t hold back the emotions, and i repeat you what i said you many time: “You are the only person with which i feel better and the only person i’m confessing everything what i’m feeling in this period”, and maybe you have perceveid it.
And then, when i listened that prase also said it by you, it made me thrilled more: but is the most beautiful confusion i ever felt.
I feeling you close to me more than ever.


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