This afternoon

You have woke me with your eletric shocks, and i have felt them crossed my minds. 
Slowly i have opened my eyes. Your hands were tightened me strong, and other eletric shocks have crossed my mind.
Now i feel your closiness make itself always more strong around me.
Your languid gaze want say me something, and my heart is beating strong. 
I’m starting to shake.
When i feel your closiness, i always felt your arms embraced me first then our eletric shock, and never the contrary. 
Now my stomach is closing itself, and for don’t going crazy i’m throwing away the air from the lungs.
Tell me it’s something about to happen. 
I feel it, and you feel it too. 
That’s our connection.
Tight me strong.
Whisper me in your way, words that can only my soul can hear, but that they can shake me inside.


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