Here it is

Your sweet smile, only for me, and your closiness it is making itselfย  hear in this bedroom, and what we are feeling is enveloping us stronger, and that your glance is tearing my soul.
The soft punch in the stomach it’s what i’m feeling and my head is exploding with your.ย 
Everything is intertwinning with Our Parallel World, and what we are feeling, despite all, is our closiness making feel itself in a strong way.
Delicately i feel your hands surrounding my hips, and yourย  sweet eyes set on me.
I know, you would like say me many things, but above all, you would like make that step more, for have a direct conctat with me. I feel it inside me, and maybe, even this time, i’m not mistaken, and even for this, maybe you have set your instagram, for this reason.
Also because our eletric shocks were become more frequents, and each time happens what that happens, and i feel you always closer to me.
I close the eyes, and i feel your closiness in a crazy way…. and i throw away all the air from the lungs. That’s the way for don’t make go crazy my heart.


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