“It seemed that” – |74|

We were ready to cross this new borderline, and it seemed even one of the latest, but with Zora was who directing at least this part of the game, we didn’t knew nothing.
Like  for the others borderlines, we had must to go first and face up to each obstacles she was putting us in front.
At the beginning we hadn’t noticed, but more we believed to go on, more we remained where we were. 
It was another trick.
You was helping me to support me, but at a certain moment i said you to stop yourself.
In a sigh you asked:”What’s going on?”
It seemed, for real that borderline it was enlarging itself always more, at each steps we were doing and it was useless  each our attempts to go on. On the contrary, it seemed that each steps we were doing, the end of that bordeline, instead to approaching itself to us, it walked away.
We were look at eachother. Somethng it was chocking us from inside. They were our emotions that, slowly, wanted escape away from this situation. 
We were feeling us in trap. 
Whispering you, i have said:”Let’s try again”. Delicately you have cling my hip and with the other hand, you have made leaned me on you, and slowly we have started to walk again. 
Under us, the concrete was the same. Same little holes, same little cracks. Nothing seemed it was moving. 
It semeed we were on a tapis-roulant.
We were walking stand still, and that chocking sensation, little by little, it was oppriming us, as if it wanted to crush us.
We were walking, always on the same piece of concrete, and you was looking at me straight into the eyes, but i was concetrated on my walk and my glance was toward that far end, and that grin was resounding in my head, by now, like a bell that i must had to destroy.
We had done, at least twenty meters, but it was as if we hadn’t made, not even, a step. 
You seemed respect my determination, but at a certain point, you have sighed me:”Let’s stop”, and slowly i turned my face toward you, and sweetly you have helped me to lean on the ground. 
Despite the medication, the leg got still hurted me, and i had must to rest for a while.
You sat close to me, without speaking, caressing delicately the bandage, from where it was came out a spot of blood. 
I could see your worry in your eyes, but touching your hand, i have said you:”It’s nothing…i’m fine”. 
You hadn’t still said a word. You was looking at me.
For a short time, we hadn’t thought how to cross that endless borderline. 
Looking at ahead, straight that one werewolf, delicately we have soft taken our hands one in another, and our hearts has started to beat together.
It seemed that we were surrounding us by something it was resurfacing from the deepest hide angle of our souls.
Slowly we understood, that borderline, it must be had to destroy by our emotions.
Little by little  the long distance, it was dicreasing, more our feelings sorrounding us.
We remained breathless, more we were feeling inside us the desire to caress us, above all our faces, diving us in our gaze.
Without thinking about leg, i putted myself on your knees, and i started softly touch, your face, your neck, your shoulders, and while i slided my hand inside your shirt, our lips sweetly has began to kiss eachother.
We broke away, for a second. Everything seemed so intimate, and in someways, it was.
We were surrounded by our smells, our sensations, and our lips didn’t wanted stop to touch one with another.
We didn’t stop, even to think to that borderline. 
We were inside our emotions, and we wanted remained stay there, till we could.”


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