I have could not

Hold back my emotions. My heart is stopped for those few seconds.
Listening those words come out from your mout, made me feel being part of your real world, and they are still hammering my head.
My heart is beating like a crazy, and everything around me is made a white veil, where there is you, who are embracing me delicately, and you are repeating those sweet words that are get entering me, like a new blood and new oxygen in my lungs.
Our eletric shocks are slowly crossing our minds, and what i’m feeling, it’s arriving to you.
I know, you are feeling it.
I can’t believe everything it’s magical with you.
I repeating this phrase from long time, and now that i’m listening to it from your mouth, it seems that the circle has been closed, and now, also, you know Our Parallel World it does exists for real, and you are the only person i wantย  around me.


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