More i think to this

More i’m going crazy, but it’s what it’s happening each time you are about to do something.
Our eletric  shocks were soft but continuos just few minutes after, you have published something on instagram, now this thing should be normal to me, but each time it happens it shock  me. It leave me breathless, and now i’m questioning me, if it just mind game, but more i think about it, more i think it’s not. And our soft punch in the stomach is there always present, and more i think to these little coincidences(?), more i think, they aren’t at all, and even you, know it 
What is happened five years ago in that dream, has bonded us in a strange way, a magical way, but just now we both, are realizing what is happening for real.,
Now, i’m sure what i saw yesterday that was you. Everything match, and maybe i’m a fool, but let me dream, and in this dream, you make everything seemed so real. Perhaps it everything real. 
Our eletric shocks, our soft punch in the stomach, our exploding heads, and therefore our beautiful connection.
I just still can’t believe it, but it’s like this. 


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