“After that” – |73|

Mantis has medicated me, the blood has stopped to come out, and now everybody, seemed asking itself something that was crossing in the minds of those present.
Among Lizard, the Chameleon woman, and Mantis and us there was a chilled glance, and also if we asked nothing, it was explained by the devoid gaze of our friends.
“Rhino didn’t made it” it was sighed. – “As soon the Patrol has discovered it, they got him in trap, and among all the chaos of the city, they have catched him, and they hit him till death, in front of us” – “His latest words were been of excuses for everything he had caused, and he hadn’t understand that till he met you” has concluded the Chameleon woman, looking at everybody, and hers colors were changing in a deep blue, as her sad mood.
It seemed the time was itself stopped, and we were look at eachother. It seemed it was falled over us a boulder, and we remained breathless, looking at the others, who without asking, they had understood how it’s went.
The danger was bigger than we could thought. Also a minimum false step, and you was fooled.
By now, the fight was began, and surely, get back  it wasn’t the right thing to do, on the contrary, we had gained, some of most valiant the warriors that Blue City could have, and this gave us and enormous advantage. 
The thought of everybody it was that, but it seemed that the decision it must had to be taken by me.
The wound seemed do not longer bleeding, but the leg got hurt me still.
From the box-aid, Mantis had pulled out everything she was thiking it could get feel me better, and in someways, she made me feel better, but now everybody was looking at me, questioning if really, i could go on.
Even you was looking at me, was questioning me that question without opening mouth, while the grin of the werewolf it was making itself louder.
At the end i had to say something:”It will be not some bleeding wounds to stop me” i was sying this, looking at the werewolf with a challenge glance, and i concluded with a lump in the throat:”The Rhino’s death hasn’t been vain, till we get set free Bill from that damned sewer and till we don’t kill Zora.”
My words seemed to have the effect of a cyclone that it was sweeping away any doubts on what to do from now on.
Now, me i was who was questioning if you was willing to support me more to set free all this.
They were instants, in which all the eyes were set on us, and everything it seemed starting again, from your simply nod, and from your gaze, i understood that you was admiring the bravest girl, that you ever had met. 
You seemed speechless, you was speechless.
Everybody around us, were looking at us. Lizard, Mantis and the Chameleon woman had shared  a shy smile among them, and when you have helped me to stand up, the Chameleon woman, in a sigh said us: “We have missed much this”.  
Everybody others, just slowly were understanding what she had as soon said.
Between us, there was a just a gaze straight inside the eyes, and with much careful, i have leaned my leg on the floor, and you have whispered: “Is it ok?”. I looked at you with a grimace of pain, but throwing away the air from the lungs, i have tightened the teeth and i nodded.
We were look at eachother and slowly, we have start to walk toward the new borderline, while the others were looking at us in silence, as admired.”



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