“Inside that” – |72|

Free zone we felt ourselves, in some way in safe, and you have could check my wounds, while Stu was checking around it was everything ok and nothing or nobody could attack us.
That creature, who was continuing to swallow everything, was even crying, trying to excuse himself what he had done, but by now, the damage it was under our eyes, and much blood was coming out  from the wounds.
You was looking for to swaddle me with a piece of the piece of the Ram shirt, but it wasn’t enough.
I looked at you for a second, and without add nothing else, you had already, understood, to what we had need.
You have called Stu and the Ram, and looking the Ram you have said throwing away all the air from the lungs:
“Daria has a big wound, if we don’t get care it with the right medicines it will worst…. I know, i’m asking you a big sacrifice. The local of Bill…there you will meet some friends who  will can help you….Tell them Daria has need some medications.” and without add nothing else the Ram has started to run as faster he could.
By now the borderlines were been destroyed, and  each danger, it seemed disappeared.
We were looking at Ram running between creatures who were fighting among them.
Ram knew, who deserved to be goring,  and who not.
We assisted to this incredible attack by one only creature, and each time he was about to meet someone to kill, his run it was made itself faster, and we could hear his scream make itself badder, and his victim weres flying in the air teared apart and blood drops were mixing with the rain.
Stu, who believed himself one of the baddest of the riot, he gave himself up to the evidence. Ram was the baddest among the good.
All this, it was the repressed anger that it was exploding in one only time. 
And now Ram was rapresenting that anger in each gored he was giving.
You was kneeled next to me, and you was embracing me. 
In those instants, to stay among your arms, it was the only thing i wanted do, and it seemed that you had the power to alleviate my pain, even if the blood that was coming out from the wounds, it was copious, and i was in pain.
You was looking at toward the Bill’s local, trying to understand if Ram was arrived, but it was impossible to.
The rain was a grey curtain, the inhabitants who were fighting next to the souls of the dead creatures, were covering the normal visual of Blue City.
And now, even the Whale song, it was confusing itself  among the screams, the thunders and others heartbreaking screams of someone who was trying to save someone else killed by the angry Rhinos Patrol.
I was holding your hand, while your glance was always toward that indechiprable point, but at a certain moment you have sighed:”He made it!” and our eyes met. 
And always with the same speed and rage, Ram was got back to us with others creatures over him.
As soon we had understood that they were, Mantis, Lizard and the Chameleon woman, we have throw away the air from the lungs, and immediately Mantis, with no time to waste, came to me, and with hers thin and fast paws has medicated me. I smiled her, and some tears were falled from my face.
Then we had shared everybody a glance, and slowly we turned toward that bunch of garbage.”



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