I was feeling

That was about happening something, and it was happened!!
Our eletric shocks were sweet. Our soft punch in the stomach, it was always been there.
I’m sure, in some way, you know me, and maybe you have checked my profile.
I’m biting my lips, and your sweet smile is enveloping me, as your arms.
I’m still throwing away all the air from lungs.ย 
I feeling your arms surrounding me.
Despite our real distance our closiness is always more inside us.
Your eyes are saying me: “Do you see it?” i see it, but more than, i feel it, and it’s a wonderful sensation.
You are embracing my belly strong, and our breathes are merging one with another.
Your arms are sweet, and your whispers are entering inside me, and they are chocking me.
Look at me and say me, that you feel the same i’m feeling right now.


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