“My legs” – |68|

Entwined to your body, while i was still moaning, while i feeling your desire making itself bigger and it was touching my inner thigh, and our eyes didn’t wanted take off one from another.
Our lips softly touched, and delicately you have make me understand you wanted sit, and slowly you sat, with me above you, still with the skirt lifted.
Furiously i unfastened your pants, while you still touching me inside.
Suddenly our breathes merged one in another, and our moanings became a sort of weapon. 
When you was set free yourself of the pants, you have penetrated me and you have began to held my hips pulling them toward you, always more fast. 
It seemed it was the first time we were making love. Our eyes were straight one into the other, and at each push you made me do, it was as if  something was set free in that bordeline, as if it something break up, and a blow of fresh air could enter in that bubble. 
I looked at you, while you have decided to get up and lay me on the ground. 
Despite it was a proof of force against Zora, it was always, an act of love, and you wanted love me as you had always done.
For a moment we were look at us, and slowly you have restarted to push you inside me.
This time more wildly.
It was a game of rustles, soft wetness, holding, gazes, moanings. 
Your pushes were wildest, and your desire was growing inside me always more.
I enjoyed much that at the end i was at your mercy. 
I was collecting each drop of your passion, and you was giving it to me at each your thrust inside me.
Slowly, you have taken my hands. Our fingers crossed, and you taken them over my head.
We didnt knew what would happen when we have would made explode our passion inside in that misty and silent borderline. But we would have discover it soon.
Just a second before, we were look at eachother. I was about to welcoming your passion inside me, when a broken glass sound was entering in that muffled atmosphere, just in the exact instant all our passion was exploding inside us. 
Our contractions were lasting for several seconds and that sound was lasted the same.
I was embracing you tight, and you have hide your head between my arms.
Everything collapsed around us, and the misty curtain falled, and slowly it spread, and as a bomb each sound resurfaced: the rain, the roars of the thunders and the Whale song. 
But what it surprised us it was that slowly the mold from some buildings it was gone, and in front of us there was The Turquoise Building, and it seemed taking live again.”


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