It’s from when

I woke up that i feeling your presence around me, and now our soft punch in the stomach is growing, and i’m biting the lips, because i feeling our eletric shocks crossing our minds, and your hands are enveloping my belly, and what everything has happened last night i will never forgetย 
I still feel everything around me. I still feel your arms that are lifting me, and your sweetness, and what you have made me feel.
Sure you can consider me a crazy, but what i feel, it’s the same that you are feel too.
I can’t hold back the emotions.
That thin thread, in four years, now by now, five is grow up fast, and now it is merging us one with another, and you know it. You are starting to understand it better than me.
For me, it’s hard to comprehend it, but i love the way it make me feel understand everything: with that kind of magic, and your unconscious delicateness in which you let me know everything this, it’s damned sweet.ย 
I throw away all the oxigen frome the lungs, and delicately your closiness touch my soul and our hearts begins to beat fast at unison.
If only you knew what i feel when i feel your closiness, but i do believe you know it in your deep, because you have wouldn’t made those things.
And everything match



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