“We entered” – |67|

In that borderline, as if we entering in another dimension. 
Those two street lamps were creating a surreal atmosphere, and there, the fallin rain it seemd just  a delicate dew, and the light of the lamps creating a light mist.
Crossed this bordeline, the Whale song, the rain, the thunders and the deafeaning noise, suddenly dissapeared, but we could see the fight between the creatures and the rain still falling, while several lightnings were illuminating the sky
It was a view surreal, while we were there, almost protected by something bad and at the same time good.
We didn’t wanted to sit on the bench. 
We were stand still inside that  silent bubble, and we were look at us around.
The only thing we could listen to were our hearts that were beating strong at unison, and seemed there were about to explode.
Everything around was so dark and obscure: the only two blade of light were those street lamps, and their lights were crossing, and illuminate that solitary bench, almost in the centre of the boulevard.
Slowly, we were look at eachother, and you have taken my hand, and in a sigh you said me: “Come on” and we have threw away the air from the lungs.
Those two spotlights have illuminated us, and delicatly the mist, that before it was surrounding us, now it was thinning out.
You have made me sat on that bench, while you kneeled in front of me.
You stared me straight into my eyes, and in those seconds i forgot where i was and why we were there. 
We dived ourselves in our gazes, while around us a war was accomplishing, but everything seemed so far.
I looked at you, and gently i touched the face. In that bordeline everything, seemed suspended, even our feelings. 
Seemed we were chained by something bigger than us. The emotions were about to explode, and we knew it.
But something it was trapping them and they weren’t capable to come out.
Each time we tried to make come out even a tiny tear, something it stop us.
And we knew that we would have to make explode them, in someways.
That misty and surreal borderline, was only a trap for what we feeling one another, and if we didn’t had found a way to escape from there, everything it would been vain.
I scared, and you have perceived it. 
You was always kneeled in front. You approached your forehead to mine and they softly touched.
Now, we were only us, and that enviroment it was just something that it must had to stay there, but we didn’t care.
Softly your hands were caressing my legs. Slowly you have lifted my black skirt till the hips. 
I have closed the eyes for a second, then i have stared straight into your eyes and not even without a little nod, you have snatch my  panties, and with all delicateness you have penetrated me, and i moaned, embracing me to you.”



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