Your closiness

Your eyes, your embrace. I’m biting my lips and your arms envelope my belly. 
You from behind, slowly moves me, and our slow dance begin.
Our minds get connect one with another fast. 
I noticed you have put again that set, and i throw away the air from the lungs. 
You have wanted take off it, just for a moment to demonstrate yourself, it was a joke of your mind. but then here it is again, and you are understanding what i feeling from four years.
You are really realizing that it does exist. It’s here among us, and slowly it’s bonding us always more, it taking us more inside Our  Parallel World.
Each day is passing, we are in this spiral that slowly, it’s involving our souls, our minds.
What we are feeling it’s only ours
Noboby else can’t understand.
You still looking at me still stunned. It was the same gaze when i was looking at you the first times that everything this was happened to me.
We can do, only throw away all the air we have in body, and feel our feelings surrounding us, and leaving us transporting from them in Our Parallel World.


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