“We threw away” – |66|

All oxygen we had in body, and we held it back, looking at each other straight into the eyes, because we knew that the Zora’s reaction it would be arrived very soon. 
We had to no to wait long. 
Around the manhole, surrounded by garbage, something it was starting to move.
The rain and the thunders at comparison weren’t nothing respect than what it was coming out  from that bunch of trash.
Slowly it was taking form, while we were still sat on that first bench of the first bordeline that we had to still cross.
I knew, in someways, you had everything under control, but my fear was legible in my glance, and the first instinct was to got up and run as fast as possible, but my body didn’t responding to the brain, and you was looking at that creature, that slowly, it was taking off himself the trash bags and his body taking form which that could seemed that one a giant werewolf who was awakening himself from a long sleep, and now his only desire was to hunt something or better someone, and that someone were us.
My heart was about to explode, and in those seconds i’ve damned myself for have followed my emotions, and for don’t be remained at the table to listen what Mantis had said you.
But even Mantis didn’t knew what it would happened after what we would unleash. But it would happen something big: and it was happening. That werewolf was looking at himself around, and he jumped on the ground, roaring, making shake all neighborhood. 
The werewolf was far from us, at least fifty km, but with his tonnage, weren’t nothing, and he was walking fast. 
You held back my hand and from the other side of the manhole, the shield was opening itself, and now, like a swollen river, all the souls of the dead creatures were getting prepare to fight to conquer again Blue City.
Beside the big werewolf, there was the Zora’s army, made by the lastest her followers leaded by the Rhino Patrol and the wildest other werewolves, who didn’t have roles to follow, and not even borderlines to respect.
With that kiss, absolutely wanted, we had opened the battlefield at each conclusion possible, but we had to still cross, others borderline. 
The Whale song was more audible in all Blue City, and seemed the Whale herself was fighting a personal battle against the rain and the thunders.
For a bit we remained stand still to look at what the souls of the dead creatures were facing to.
It was a real riot  between good and evil.
With all that in our eyes, you have said me: “We must go cross the other borderline…. let’s go!”
The Runic Fairies, in all this didn’t ever have left us. We could not see them, but we could hear their breathe, breathing with us. 
All the magic power of the Runes were in their little souls, and we could feel it.
You got up from that bench, taking my hand and we have crossed the next borderline.
Seemed we entered inside a muffled and isolated borderline. 
A deadly silence it predominated. Just from far we could feel the rain, the thunders and the song of the whale. 
We have took a deep breathe, and we were look at each other.
It seemed us a crazyness, but we were there inside of it.
It seemed another world, another city, but it was still Blue City.
Just two street lamp, one at the opposite to another, illuminating this part of the city. 
There was another bench. It seemed it was awaiting for us.”


“Slowly we have” – |65|

“We entered” – |67|⇒

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