With your

Wonderful  smile, you make me feel forget all the ugliness of this world, and you transport me in Our Parallel World, making me feel your embrace enveloping my belly, and your sweet words envelop me like a sweet caress that is touch my soul.
Without realizing, in someways, we have the same thought. I’m smiling, and my heart is beating like a crazy, and i’m sure you read my comment, and in some way, you are smiling too. 
Our little magic it’s even this.
Everything turn around these little things, one by one, making our connection, more magical.
Our soft punch in the stomach is growing, and our little eletric shocks are increasing, and they are crossing our minds: i’m receiving yours and you are receiving mine. 
From when it’s began everything this, i think, this is the most beautiful period of our lives: even you, are realizing all this, and trought little signals, you want let me know that slowly, you are arrived to elaborate all this.
It’s seems surreal, but it’s like this.
And from a little bit of time, even the specular numbers entered in my life, but i’m sure even in your, and this the biggest crazyness. Each time they show them, i check their meaning and leave me without breath. I’m smiling aloud inside me, because they say me everything about our connection, and here i can only throw away the air from the lungs. 
I have tried to ignore them, but more i try, more they surround me, and something say me that it happen to you too.
It’s happening something magical among us, and now it’s more tangible than before.


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