“Slowly we have” – |65|

Started our walk, under that heavy rain, and it seemed something it was attracting us toward that damned manhole.
Everything surround us seemed freeze and the only sounds in Blue City that we could hear, were the rain, mixed with the sound of the Whale, and it seemed that at each our steps we were doing, was going dicreasing. 
The rain was fallin hard, but we weren’t go wet from it. 
The Runic Fairies had created a shield around us and they following us, and seemed they were in synch, even with our breathes. 
One by one, the survivor inhabitants, were coming out from their houses, to see our passage. They have done it in silence.
We were walking in the middle of the solitary and silently boulevard. 
The air around was becoming more cold than usual, and the lightnings in the sky were of an yellowish intense. 
The sound of the Whale it was entering in our heads, and her song had something more: it was giving us the strenght to go ahead. 
You had my hand in your, and we have could feel our blood runs fast in our veins. 
Occasionally i looking at you, but your glance was focused on that indecipherable straight point in front of you.
I knew, i had to let to guide me by you. And this time our walk it must had be slowest, and now our feelings must had to be controlled, and this walk would had several stops. 
Each borderlines have would had some difficulties to cross. Not like the first time. 
Now we were us, who were facing Zora. And we were just at half of the latest borderline of Blue City: the latest one, where lived the poorest creatures. 
In that deadly scenario, under that hammering rain, from the sidewalk, our friends with Mantis in head of the group, were following us, and Mantis seemed repeat by heart, each little advices who had given to you, at each steps we were doing.
More we were approaching, to cross the first borderline, more the rain and the lightening increasing, and only in those instants, you have looked at me. 
You seemed still focus on that point, and your glance was one of the deepest i had seen in your face.
But slowly, you was capable to see who you had in front, and your glance become more sweet. 
I threw away the air from the lungs, and you have indicated me a bench. We had to sit down, and  for a bit we remained in silence hand in hand, while in the sky, it was hurling another lightning followed by a thunder, while we were still protected by the shield of the Runic Fairies. The heavy drops could not get wet us.
When it was about to unleash something that we could not expected, our desire to kiss us has been stronger than ever.
You was approached to me, i have caressed your face, till arrive at your tiny neo, and slowly your lips leaned on mine. That’s been one of the more passionate kiss we gave ourselves.
After that we were remain just to stare us, and we had started to see what Mantis had said us, and it was strabiliant. 
Seemed we had launched in the air something more powerful than Zora’s rain and thunders.
We had hurled our first shot, but this it was only that the beginning.”


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