You are there

And you are looking at me without talking. Who know what you are thinking. I see you shyly smiling, and slowly our eletric shock cross our minds, and your eyes are lost in my soul.
I would like to be embraced by you, but in someways it what you are doing, and i feel your arms enveloping my belly, and our breathes are merging one with another, even if we are far.
I feel your sweets words inside me, and our soft punch in the stomach make us feel connected.
I stare at you and i remain breathless. Despite our real distance, we are so close.ย 
We are in Our Parallel World, and nobody can get hurts us: we are feeling the most beautiful emotions in our own lives and they protecting us fromย  whatever attack.
You spinning, and i dive myself in the two little oceans, and delicately you take me always more inside our world.
I can’t hold back my emotions, and you are the biggest one.
“Tight me strong.”


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