“It seemed we were” – |64|

Passing a normal evening eating with our friends, not thinking at the next hours and to what we have would do. 
Mantis seemed want to know if you had learned each step to cross all the bordelines of Blue City, and among smiles and laughs, she was making trick questions: it was the better way to impress in your mind what do, she said us, and it was like this that she had learned her most of important lessons of survival, from his dad: laughing and make trick questions.
More it was passing the time, more you had respect for her, and you was making understand it her, with slow nod, and more the laughs were aloud, more everything seemed just a joke, but outside the rain was starting to fall harder. We had realized it when a lightening has fallen in front of the shield and it made shaked.
We remained stunned, and we stared, one by one, our friends. 
Among us, there was a chill glance, and we have understood that the time to play was about to over.
By now, what you had learned was that one, and there was no other things to add: they would be useless.
It fallen a silence among us, and the lastest spoonfuls, seemed those of a sentenced to death.
We eaten the last  spoonfuls of Bill’s slop, each one looking at own dish.
Slowly, my stomach was closing, and my head has started to spin, but you have taken me aside, and just whispering just few sweet words, you was capable to got calming me, transporting me in which what it would be the new Blue City.
Everybody there, were looking at us, now without any embarass, on the contrary, with all the respect, above all Rhino, who seemed ask to be forgiven, because most of all mess around the city, had been created by him.
“But now, you will being part of those creatures who will sweep all that mustiness. You must to rembember this. Only this…” you have said him, looking straight in his little yellow pupils. He thanked you with his big tone of voice, and you have smiled him.
From a point of the local, Mantis was looking at that scene, but now there was time to waste, and she came among us and said us in a sigh:”It’s time, guys!”
For a second we were look at each other holding back the breathe for then throw it away. 
Slowly the others arrived, and they accompanied us outside the local.
The rain was heavy: every drop looked like a boulder, and every time they hit the ground… the city seemed to tremble.
 I was looking at me around with the eye wide open: i was looking at toward the centre, while inside something it was choking me, and my heart was about to explode.
Mantis knew, it was one of the most deliicate moment, and she knew that we were collecting all the crumbs of our courage scattered in our souls, to starts our walk, and she didn’t wanted break up this important moment, but she made us notice, that the Runic Fairies were ready to protect us. She indicated them high in the sky, with her green thin paw.
What we were seeing, it was a magnificient show: a thin dust multicolor that  was dancing above us, and slowly we were enveloped by it.
It was time to go: to make the first steps, toward that manhole where it would be accomplished the Blue City’s destiny.
We threw away all the air from the lungs and you sweetly have taken the hand.  I have looked at you, and you have sweetly smiled me, nodding.
We have started to walk.”


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