What i’m feeling

It’s like a sweet spiral that is enveloping me, but i know they are your arms embracing me, and you don’t want let me go. I feeling your closiness more than ever in these instants. 
Our connection is making crossing the eletric shocks fast in our minds, and my trembling is in all my body.
You have told me something in these days, and i still deciphring it, but i know what you have wanted say me. 
My heart is beating still strong, and what i’m feeling is one of the most beautiful emotion i have felt since when it has started this thing among us.
I’m throwing away all the air i have in the lungs, trying to get calm my trembling.
From far, you are seeing me, and something it says me that what i elaborated till now,  it doesn’t departs from the truth, and even you know it, that i have right.
You start to know me better than anyone else in this world.
We sharing us little signals of our connection, and only us can take them. 
It’s so beautiful and so tender.
I feel you tightening me, and our connection is so strong in these hours.
I’m feel you, and you feel me.


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