“We had still” – |63|

To digest everything what Mantis and Rhino had said us, that we have shared a rapid glance, and everything seemed us so absurd till to arrive to surreal that we had thought to be in a dream and within few short time, we would wake up.
We wanted to believe it, but instead was the pure reality.
Within few hours, we have would fight Zora in our greater battle ever.
We were still look at eachother in silence while the others were only the audience of our glances. You sat yourself in front of me, and everything this was taking form around us.
In our glances, there was just a big desire to hide ourselves in our storage room, for don’t come out anymore.
But having set free the Whale, we had discover the weak side of Zora, and now it was the time to attack her, and we had must to do in those hours.
Among those walls full of the maps of Blue City, it was breathing an suspended atmosphere, ready to explode in whatever moment.
Our friends had moved the maps to the other table, and seemed they were moving slowly around us, and they has left us alone, while we hadn’t shared not even a word, but just sweet gazes, big  breathes, and soft caresses.
From angle of the local Rhino was staring us not understanding what was happening. With his paw, he stopped the Chameleon woman and with his big tone of voice, making it lower than he could, he asked her:”Why they doesn’t speak?” The Chameleon woman stared him for a bit, then she replied:”They are speaking… trought their emotions what they are feeling in these instants. That’s enough a glance, a soft touch… in these instants they are sharing one of the most beautiful sensation they are feeling, even without speak. It’s called love. The feeling that till now Zora has forbidden in Blue City….” The Chameleon woman was continue to stare us for a while then she has left even Rhino, who continued to tidy upt he local better than he could.
A thunder broke out from afar. Now even a little emotion of ours made that manhole shake until we reached the gray area, where our small headquarters was located, and the shield, where the Whale with his small army was behind.
Our eletric shocks were crossing our minds fastly, that we had must to throw away the air from the lungs to got calming us, and got back normal the atmosphere that we had created around us.
Slowly, everything faded, and we came out from that invisible bubble that have surrounded us, and slowly we have realized that we were remained us with Rhino, who seemed almost embaressed, because he was still staring us. 
I smiled him and you have asked him “Where are the others?” He stared us till for another second in silence then he stammered something about the kitchen. We approached ourselves to him and i have put my hand on his big shoulder, and i asked “Is everything ok?” he only nodded when we went in the kitchen. He was still thinking what the Chameleon woman said him about our feelings. He was charmed about it.
When we entered in the kitchen, we have found Lizard, Mantis and the Chameleon woman, with greasy aprons, who were trying to get prepared that tasty slop that Bill peddled for breakfast.
In fact we had a bit hungry.
At the end, together, we were capable to put up something that could be similar like the Bill’s slop.”


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“It seemed we were” – |64|⇒


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