You are

Making me go crazy. 
I’m feeling your closiness more than usual in these hours. If i close the eyes i can see you are sweetly smiling, and i feel our beats at unison, and they are beating so hard.
Everything around me is taking me to you and now this last thing that is hammering the head from the first time i saw it, and it’s happened after that… 
It’s like i was inside a spiral that you have created just for me. 
For sure, it’s not a coincidence, but it’s something you have settled, not by chance.
My heart is beating strong and i feel our minds get connect one with another. 
Our soft punch is growing always more, and despite our real distance i feel your arms enveloping my hips pulling me toward you, and i feel the softness of that shirt against my back. 
I close the eyes. I feel your whispers penetrating me inside. 
Your hands are tightening me strong.
We are surrounded by a suspended atmosphere.



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