“I was looking” – |62|

At everybody with such sorry, that a tear was fallen from my face.
“I’m really sorry” i have said, looking at then you. You have sigh and you have taken my hand, staring straight into my eyes. 
Who has talked then, has been Mantis:”We would scare us too, honey. Maybe it’s also my fault. I have asked the Chameleon woman to bring me, hers maps of Blue City, and start to study a plan.  I was born in a military family and have always an escape plan it was what i learned from my dad, and him from his dad from generations. Maybe to see all these maps has put you a bit anxiety.”
I was looking at her, and slowly i was undertanding what she wanted say me, but those maps scattered on the table were still scaring me.
This time our walk till the manhole in the centre of the city, it must be had to studied, step by step.
That burdle inside me little by little was disappearing. 
The Chameleon had taken me aside while the Rhino with carefully was describing you the bordelines next to the manhole and the dangers that we have would could meet, whie Mantis and Lizard were listening to and occassionally adding something. From the only other table in that local became a sort of headquarter, me and the Chameleon woman were looking at Luke who got paid attention to everything the others were saying him.
I had a lump in throat, and my eyes were got wet again, when occassionally our glances meeting.
The Chameleon woman seemed doesn’t want to break up that moment, but seemed those words were cames out from her mouth, without realizing, and she sighed:”Your love is really magical, it can see it just trought the way you look at him” I spinned toward her and i smiled her and i replied her:”He gave me the strenght to goes on despite what i have faced up to in my life, he’s always by my side. He motive me always to give the best. From i fallen in that bar, he has been always close to me. Our love always surprise me everyday, and now… look at him there. None has done for me what he’s doing right now. ” While i was saying this to the Chameleon woman, once again you have launched me a sweet gaze and i have felt the hand of her giving me two pat on my leg. My eyes didn’t take off from you till you have started again to stare who was giving you the last precautions to take. 
Slowly i taken a deep breathe and i have decided to got back at the table, where it was taking all the decisions. And as soon as i was approaching to the table, you have stared me, and gently you got up taking my hand, helping me to sit on your legs. You have whispered me “Are you ok?” Those words put in row has surrounded me, as if you wanted protect me, and sweetly you have enveloped my belly with your arms, and i have tighted you strong against me. There was no a reply, but just a glance, and in that glance there was the reply you just awaiting for.
When i got back to the table, there was Mantis who was giving you some others certainty.
We both, have directed the gaze toward her, and she, with the maximum of seriousness, said:”The shield of the Runic Fairies will protect you, they will open little frames and what you will do, it will be throw inside the sewer” –  “And the souls of the dead?” i asked trembling. At this question  Rhino has replied:”They will defend Blue City from the attacks of Zora’s followers.
We shared us a glance, we held back the breathe for then throw it away, and unconsciously, we tighted ourselves more.”


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