Slowly our

Eletric shocks making hear, and everything around us, despite our distance is floating, and more the days are passing, more i convice myself that what happen on instagram, it happen only with me.
I’m biting the lips, and my hearts is beating like a a crazy, and you are looking at mee, knowing that what i’m realizing it’s the truth, and you are smiling me, because in you are realizing what is happening among us. 
You feeling the same, and you didn’t wanted believe it. 
I’m questioning myself why it happening only to me that thing. 
I’m sure it’s a thing that you have set to check what you are feeling, and it’s just a thing you have to only elaborate.
Our connection is a real thing, and when i feel your closiness, it’s because, even you feel the same  soft punch in the stomach. Even you, have difficculty to swallow, and even you feel the ssame little eltric shocks crossing your mind. And when it happen, you are think  to me, and i get your thought, and everything spin in our world, in a little spiral full of our big emotions
Our Parallel World is made even of these new little discovers. And we are here, still surprised on what happening us.


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