“Among us” – |61|

There was a last glance , and we held back the breathe when Mantis said us:”From here on, there is no turning back”, and her words got chill everybody in that local.
We knew, that we had taken a good choice, the right choice, but we would have accomplished it well?
Suddendly all thoughts, all elucubrations that we had done in that storage room, seemed got themselves burn. 
More the plan to defeat Zora was taking a form, more my face, was tranforming in a face without emotion. It seemed i was emptying myself of every sensations i had felt since when i met you in that bar. 
While Mantis was describing us what we have would do, you was looking at me who was looking at the table full of maps of all the borderlines of Blue City, but it was as if i wasn’t looking at nothing.
You was worried about me. You was the only one in that room, who could feel what i was feeling in those instants: and it was as if was fallen a boulder inside me..
More it was approaching the time of the fight, more around me it was building an invisible wall charged of insicurities, after being witnessed of what Zora was capable to do.
Slowly every certainty that i had gained, was falling as a card castle. That in a bunch of seconds
While the voice of Mantis was resurfacing in my mind, at the same instants i have looked at you and i sighed “Luke i have scare…” throwing away all the air from the lungs. 
In the local has fallen a deadly silence. And everybody looked at me. Me i was still looking at the table, as dazed. Everybody stopped do what were doing. 
Everything seemed restart from the begin.
You have made understand the others, that you had need to stay alone a moment with me.
Slowly everybody were scattering in the local, and we remained at that table.
My heart was beating like a crazy, looking at all those maps. 
You have looked at me for a bit in silence, trying to find the right words to get calm me.
Sweetly you have taken my both hands in your and slowly, you have started to speak to me:”Now, please look at only me, please ignore them…” saying this you have took off them from the table. Making a deep breathe you have repeated me “Look at me… i know it will not easy, as we have believe it. This…” – you was indicating the only maps that was remained on the table – “this is my duty, you don’t must have to worry about it, okay?….. Come on… come here…” Gently, we looked at eachother and slowly you approached yourself to me and you have kissed me softly, still keeping my hands tight in your. 
Breaking us away, i taken a deep breathe, and everything around me seemed got back more clear. Even my heart was itself calming.
We looked at eachother, taking both a deep breathe, then you have called back the others, and they asked you if was everything okay. You have looked at them and shyly you have looked at me, tightening my hand. 
I blushed, and in a thread of voice i said everybody “I’m really sorry, guys” looking at you who was shyly smiling me. 
Our hearts were beating strong and at unison.
A “I love you much” flew inside the local, while everybody were looking at us.”


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