“We were look” – |60|

 At us just for another second. In our glance we could see everything what we have would do one for the other.
In that second, our hearts seemed exploding in million of pieces.
In that atmosphere, where everything seemed floating, we were seating on the edge of the bed camp, and we were looking at the wall in front of us, as if in reality, it there were nothing.
Instead, in front of us, in our minds, slowly it was looming the biggest and hardest fight that we have would do.
We have would put in game all feelings we had one for another in the worst battlefield ever.
Slowly you kneeled yourself in front of me, and you have taken my both hands. You have looked at them, then you have stared at me, and in a thread of voice, you have asked me:”Are you ready to do it?” 
My breathe stopped, and the only thing i have could do change a bit my worried expression to a tiny smile.
Inside me there were a million of sensations that were fighting among them. The biggest fear was to fail, and my heart didn’t wanted to stop. Delicatly i taken your hand and i placed on my chest. 
From long time, i was trembling inside, and at the end, has came out
The only thing that got calming me were your eyes inside mine.
My head was exploding, and you knew that if we wouldn’t come out from that room, the room itself have would keep us inside strangling us. 
You got up, and sweetly you have taken my hand helping me to stand up. 
For an instant we remained stand still one in front of another and your hands were tightening my hips, pulling me toward you. We existed only us, and our glances.
I wasn’t able to swallow: something it was chocking me inside.
“Let’s out” you have sighed. 
In front of the door, we spinned ourselves still one more time toward the little room that had hosted us: maybe those one was that last time that we were looking at it.
We came out, and closed the door, a heavy weight has fallen over us and it pervaded us inside.
Our destination was Bill’s local, where for sure we have would meet Lizard, Rhino and the two ladies, but our legs were became too heavy for walk. But it only our impression, because really slow, we were reaching the street, therefore the local.
We had left it as two ghosts, we entered us it as such.
All the glances were set on us, while slowly, we sat at the table. 
Gently we asked to Mantis how’s going, and she replied us back with the same kindness: “A bit better, thanks my darling” softly touching my arm. She added that the Chameleon woman had prefered to sleep with her in the Bill room, if she had needed of something.
We have smiled her. 
That Mantis’ approach was only a sweet manner to arrive to the nucleus of the matter.
We knew, that it was an only our decision, and that we have taken all the time at our time available and that our friends were waiting for even, an our tiny positive nod. 
And we nodded taking tight our hands and looking at eachother.”


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