Here it is

Arrived, like a sweet bomb, but i don’t want say nothing.
I’m throwing away air from before, indeed from last night.
It’s happened again and what i’ve heard before it is overwehlming me enough for to don’t be speechless.
I’m here in this bedroom, and you are far, but i know you are feeling something that it is growing inside you.ย 
That’s the same what i’m feeling right now. It’s like a bubble that exploding inside us. Our soft punch in the stomach.
I closing the eyes and your hands are enveloping me tight and you are pulling me toward you.
You are looking at me, and i start to shake. My heart is going slow, till to stop, until you repeat those words.
I stare at you breathless. Delicately i feel your hands tightening me more, and your smile surround me, and i see in it Our Parallel World, and our eletric shocks crossing, like caresses our minds.
Our connection is getting stronger, and i’m here stand still.ย 
Here, i’m shaking, throwing away all the oxygen from the lungs, try to get calm my heart, but till our hearts will beat at unison, it will be hard thing, and now they are beating strong.
Despite our real distance, we are damned close: our hearts, our feelings, our souls.


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