Our soft punch

Slowly is began to rise and everything restart from the begin.
I can’t swallow, your hands surround my belly, your whispers that are entering in my head and our eletric shocks starting to cross our minds, and your glances.
I’m throw away air from the lungs, while you are coming in front of me and our eyes are meeting, while you are realizing what i know already.
I’m biting my lips, while our connection is getting stronger more time is passing by.
I’m smiling about some lines of HaA. They tracing some our situations, and when i noticed them i went go crazy. Is it possible that was just a coincidence? I problably, going offย  out the seminary.. But i don’t think so.
More i think about it, more i’m biting the lips, and my heart is beating like a crazy.ย 
Everything seems wants say us something important. I noticing that, and i think you have noticed that too.
Your glance, our hearts, the universe, our connection, our eletric shocks, that strange settings on your instragram, those strange lines that reminds to my novel.
And is it just coincidence?ย  I don’t think so.
Slowly you are approaching yourself to me, and you want let me know it.
I stare you, and the only thing i can do is to hold back the breath for then throw it away.
Your closiness is something magical, and i feel it.


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