I wasn’t sure to feeling you in these hours, but here you are and you are embracing my belly. 
Softly you have woke me, and i felt your arms surrounding me.
Now i hold back the breathe, and your whispers are entering inside me, and you are questioning me “Why i should not come to you in these hours?” I just smiling you: you likely know the reason. 
You are tightening me more, pulling me more toward you. 
You are whispering incredible words in my ears. My heart is stopping, and our eletric shocks starting to cross our minds.
I looking at you, and your gaze is the sweetest and childish you have launched me. You know, make me going crazy. Our eyes doesn’t want break away one from another. I’m biting my lips beacuse i feeling you pulling me always more toward you. 
Sweetly our bodies are touching. 
Our breathes are increasing, but we try to stay calm. I put my hand on your chest, pretending that is all normal.
You lift my face. Our eyes meet once again. You say me “Everything is all right… it’s only our magical connection” 
You hold me tight my hand, and sweetly you approaching your lips at mine, and delicately you leans them on my mouth. 
Our punch in the stomach is growing faster.
We are kissing us.


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