“We had must” – |56|

To move Mantis in a place less dangerous than that pile of rubbles, and the closer was the Bill local, and we could trust in that Rhino, who with all delicateness has took Mantis in his strong paws.
The local was destroyed but it was still standing, and, in some ways, we moved us there, with dexterity. 
We knew where Bill kept a serious first aid box, and we had put Mantis to rest herself in the little room, that  BIll was using for to sleep, from the moment the group of the Rhino Patrol had occupied the local from the Zora’s ascent.
I asked to the Chameleon woman to assist Mantis till she was fallen asleep. She nodded.
Whille in the main local, the others, were placing the tables in order, at least one or two, so that we could seat and  to plan the next step. 
For curiosity, i went behind the counter i have found a iron cask with the written Luminiscent. It was what we had more need in that moment.
In that table there was a tension that it could being cut with a knife.
In your eyes it could still read that question that was hammering your head and in consequence even mine: “What we have unleashed?” while among Lizard and the new member of that grungy group, there were gazes like that: “Can i trust of him?”. Me, behind the counter i could see the whole scene, when from the little room was came out the Chameleon woman, who was setting her hair, and she came to me, saying me that Mantis was fallen asleep. 
“She said me: if it wasn’t for you, she would be die. You have gave her that strenght that she had lose.” Looking at her, i held back the breathe, and something it has chock me inside. 
Throwing away the air from the lungs, and launching a gaze to her, i asked everybody:”Who wants some Luminiscent?” The three gentlemen at the table has spinned their glances toward me, and the glance that hit me more, it has been your. We had our hearts that were going crazy. The eletrick shocks were crossing fast our minds, and in those we were saying us everything what we could not say us in public. 
With the help of the Chameleon woman, i have brought a tray with a bottle of Luminiscent and some glasses. 
You got up, and you helped me to sit, but you got up, even for share those few seconds of intimacy, one in front another, and for dive ourselves in our glances.
Our hands tightening themselves strong, and at the same moment we held back the breathe, for then throw it away.
In those instants everything seemed so magically soft: your  eyes, your face, your neo… your whispers.
We got back at the reality, when the Rhino started to speak replying to the Lizard question: “When everything it has began, our duties were to divide us and get in chaos the inhabitants as much as possible. Me, instead, i started to help them. Among the rain, thunders and the lightening, none of the Patrol, was checking what the others were doing. Many has die, and none of the Patrol will come to look for me. The latest of the gerarchy of the Rhinos.” and while he saying us that, he was taking off all that leather clothes, as if he wanted take off all the pains he had provocated.
And when he took off his cap, we have could see for the first time, his tiny yellowish pupils. From them were falling some tears.
We were look at us speechless.
“We will come out of it” you have whispered, looking at everybody then me, tightening my hand in your.
We threw away the air from the lungs.”


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