“You have passed” – |55|

Me that postcard, while you looking at you around with an only thought in mind:”What does we have done” and that your thought was resounding even inside me. Your heart was beating like a crazy, looking at everything around. I threw away the air from the lungs, and i placed in front of you, and i taken both your hands in mine.
Slowly we were look at us straight into the eyes and like a soft caress i sighed you:”We haven’t done nothing wrong. Nothing is wrong in what we have done… from what we have done, it was rising up again Blue City, the city that we rembember.” and they were those only words that i was repeating like a broken record, to you, but above all for me.
But, me too, in front of  such distruction, i had the heart that had difficultiy to pulse blood in my veins and the only little glimmer of life it was to dive myself in your glance, lost in the a exact point of the street, where a tree was drying itself, bleeding resin. In that instant you have looked at me with wide eye open, and you have felt the same chock feeling of when i saw the agonizing tree beaten from the Patrol, just because he had crossed an unauthorized borderline.
The thunderstorm was slowly disappear, but from that day, a gray blanket of clouds more darker than usually, has covered the city till the shield, where beyond it was wander the flying Whale.
After the latest lightening following by a weak thunder, everythng seemed stand still, and the survirvors got up and they have look for to help who needed more.
We attended that scene in a deathly silence. 
Our heads with the hearts, were exploding. We had million of images that were flowed in front of us, and we didn’t know what to do.
In front of such pain, distruction, desolation, it was if we were going to crash to an inevitable end.
Every plans to fight Zora, in those instants, seemed got to burn.
Our hearts seemed emptying of everything, and we were still speechless, when from far, we had hear to two familiar voices calling us.
We took off from that invisible veil of sadness, when we have saw Lizard and the Chameleon woman coming to us. 
Even them, were reduced bad, but were still alive.
The beautiful hairstyle of the Chameleon woman didn’t hold up, and now some of her long black hair, fell on her shoulders, and the pointed helmet of Lizard wasn’t no longer pointed and his shirt has been ripped.
They told us about Bill, and without realizing, at the same instants, we have looked  toward that manhole.
Everybody there, threw away all the oxygen that had in body, and just after the Chameleon woman launched a rapid gaze toward the sidewalk, we had realised that the Mantis’ boutique was a pile of rubble. 
“Mantis…” i sighed and we ran toward that white little rubbles.
We have digged, then we have found Mantis who bleeding, under a beam.
Her good manners had moved us: even in pain, she was gentle. 
That beam was so heavy, as much as we were in three, we weren’t able to move it.
We didn’t want give up ourselves, but after all our efforts, that beam didn’t want move, and Mantis, by now, was so tired, and her words were of who wanted let herself go.
I  had her green thin paws in my both hands and i was talking to her. My heart was beating strong, while i launching a rapid help request to everyboby there. You was looking at me without any hope to save her.
“No!… please…! We must save her!” i screamed, and right after another couple of strong paws gave us help.
We pulled out Mantis from the rubbles, and just after gave her first aid, we have realized that it was one of the Rhino of the Patrol, have gave us an hand, but only after have looked at the Chameleon woman who was smiling, we had understood that it was the Rhino who had must to make the oath, but who had changed his mind about Zora. “We must stop her”, he said us, convinct of which he was saying. 
We nodded.”


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