I have felt

You have waited for that i had finished for come close to me for embrace me. 
Now i’m feel your arms surrounding my belly and our punch in the stomach is slowly growing and our connection is bonding us always more.
My head is exploding, and i’m sure even your.
Without saying us nothing, we are saying much trought our feeling, and they are very strong.
The specular numbers more double numbers, are speaking us and they are saying us tiny important things. 
I’m sure you can feel my eletric shock that are crossing my mind, and slowly are coming to you.
My fingers are starting to shaking, and i feel your closiness grow up surround me. 
I can’t swallow. 
Closing the eyes i can perceive your perfume, and your hand are tightening me more. 
I must to throw away the air from the lungs for don’t shake like a leaf.
My heart is beating like a crazy. It’s beating with your. 
I closing the eyes, and sweetly i feel your voice. I put your hand on my chest:”Can you feel it?”
Our eyes meet. We remain in silence.
Everything is taking me to you, and slowly our hearts exploding at the same instants.
We are looking at each other, stand still.


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