You are looking

At me, and i’m feeling you. 
My soft punch in the stomach is growing always more, and slowly our minds get connect.
I’m biting my lips, because i’m feeling your hands softly are touching my hips, and the rustle of your shirt is making me going crazy.
Slowly you spin me, and our breathes merging one in another. 
We remain in silence. Just only hearts are speaking, and we don’t need to add nothing else.
Your arms pulling me always more against your chest. 
I put my hands on it, and sofltly, you begin to caress my face, throwing away the air from the lungs. 
You are start to approach yourself to me always more. For magic our lips are touching and we taking the flight toward Our Parallel World.
You are enveloping me my belly. You are close to me.
I feel you, and you are feeling me.
We are sweetly smiling us.


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