Your arms

Has embraced me sweetly and delicately and i had must to open the eyes and i tighted you against me.
Yesterday i didn’t feel you, but today you have woke me in your sweetest way. 
I have my heart is beating like a hammer, and our connection is getting fast. 
Despite our real distance, i feel you are smiling me and your arms doesn’t stop to tight me, and i feel your are pulling me against you. 
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs.
I’m writing on this open diary, and i’m shaking, because i know you are a bit think about me.
Our connection make us feel so close like this, and we know each little signals of it.
Today you are surrounding me in strong way.
My head is exploding, and i feel your hands on my hips tightening me. 
I’m biting my lips, and i’m shaking, throwing away air from before, and i feel you.
I don’t need no more of confirmations: i know you are feel the same too.


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