“We threw away” – |52|

All the oxygen from the lungs, and we have launched a glance among us, Bill and Lizard. 
We had know that the time was over. By now, the Turquoise Building got free within few time Zora would could unleash something much terrible over the city and she would could swept it away everything with their inhabitants. For sure, she have would prefer to die, instead to see the city shine again.
Our hearts were beating together and were beating like crazies. 
That deathly silence, was collecting all our big doubts, and we hadn’t fear to hide it to Lizard or Bill. 
That chill atmosphere was surrounding only our table, and it was tangibile only to us and our hosts.
That Rhino still was looking at us, but wasn’t understanding what was happening, he made notice it to the leader, but the other seemed didn’t care of what he wanted to show him.
In meanwhile, still rapid glance ran between us, and suddenly everybody at our table had lifted the faces toward out the window. 
A soft rain was starting to fall. 
To the group of Patrol seemed didn’t care, but when the first raindrops bounced against the windows, we were worry about it.
It was a clear sign that Zora got preparing herself, while we didn’t have outlined a fight plan. 
Lizard, in a sigh, in that moment said us, that Chameleon someone had already, recluted… made change mind, to many, and some others went to her, of their own will, after have saw the psychological fight between Zora and the Whale, he  wanted remind us, that by our sides we had the tiny, but poweful, Runic Faires.
For a second it seemed, he had lightened the atmosphere. And on his green face was printed a strange grin, that we didn’t have able to decipher. 
We looked at each other. We knew we were going to cross all borders to get to the little manhole in the city center, to sit on that rusty bench, but thent? What awaited us?
And what they would have do the others? They have would fight against the wildest group of werewolves and the baddest group of Rhinos who have would defend Zora at cost of their own lives?
These were the questions that we were making us, just looking at us, without give breath to mouth. 
I had need to feel your hand on mine. I wanted become tiny, to hide myself inside your chest: among your shirt and your skin, but i could not. The only thing i could do, was to stare at you, stand still at that table, and that rain was growing always more, it was bouncing against the window, as if it wanted marking the time, and our was ending.
Despite we were in company, in that instants, everything around us seemed freezing. Also Bill Lizard and even the group of the Rhinos, and we were there, to look at the enviroment that was slowing. 
We wanted hole up us in a kiss. Maybe it have would swept away everything that toungue game, but it wasn’t imaginable. 
More this our desire was growing, more the rain was becoming a little thunderstom.
Everything around us was freeze. We knew that the maker was Zora, but we knew, even that we have would had time, but how long? 
A lightening and right after a roar of a thunder, hurled themselves in the grey sky, then silence.
After a bit the Whale restarted her song.
Slowly, we left the local still freezed. 
Before to got back from where we were arrived we remained outside in the sidewalk, to look at toward The Turquoise Building, while little raindrops, still falling, got wet us.”


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