“That morning” – |51|

We woke up still embraced one another, but one thought was crossing our minds, and as soon we have opened the eyes, we both, had know that the only ones two persons who could help us to understand what it was hammering our heads, were Bill and Lizard.
None of s had spoken about it. We smiled at eachother, and you have asked me if i had slept well. 
I threw away the air from the lungs, and i replied: “You have got calmed me. Among your arms i always feel fine”. We were in the middle of the room and we embraced us. 
After a minute in silence, you said:”Want we out?”, i smiled you.
The buzz of the city was increasing, and the Whale sound was spreading in all the city. 
They were few days that the Whale was flying free in that liquid sky, and her sound was always beautiful. 
Arrived at the end of the alley, we have could lift our faces for see her. We had thought that has been a great victory for Blue City, but never we had thought as much as was for the Turquoise Building.
It was there, among the moldy buildings, and it was so imponent, and his turquoise color was almost hypnotic, but seemed still caged. 
We remained still one second more to look at it, before to greet Lizard who seemed waiting for us, to enter at Bill. 
He was looking at us, as if he, already, know the question that soon, we have would ask him. As a real gentleman, he opened the door of the local, and he left me enter with a theatrical gesture. I blushed, then even you entered. 
We sat at our table and for a long instant, among us and Lizard there was a glance of understanding, then you have ask that question that was flying there for much time.
“Why the Turquoise building?”
Lizard has looked at us a bit, then he started.
“The Turquoise buildilng is Blue City….” he left that phrase almost in suspension, and he left us breatheless as if those words were a slap on our faces. 
Slowly he continued: “It’s from the Turquoise building that Blue City has taken its wonderful power, till Zora was capable to covered it of mold.
It’s from that building that once the color of concrete of all street were of that pale blue…”
“And like this, that we rembember it” i whispered, as if it was an only thought in my mind, instead it escaped out from my mouth. 
You and Lizard have looked at me without say nothing.
You was the only to enter in my mind, and you was wandering inside it.
Pieces of memories were running fast in my head, and i have could see distinctly that magnificient color was surrounding the city, while i was lifting the face toward that turquoise spot among that rot.
Bill from behind the counter had listened to all the Lizard speech and he was pulling out something. Something of really forbidden if it were found, and he has hid it under his apron.
Pretending to have understand that we had need of him, he came and from under the greasy apron, gave us that something.
It was simply a postcard of Blue City in his total  glory. It showed the beauty of the Turquoise Building from the opposite sidewalk , and his color was spreaded even on the concrete in front.
When  i had it in my hand, the breathe itself stopped and i looked at you, making attention to don’t catch the interest of that Rhino who was looking at us from before. 
We had undestood that kind of stuff was ban, under Zora empire. Even a simple postcard like that. 
Stuff like that could to rembember the great glory of that city and Zora could not afford it.
I had need to tight your hand and without making you notice me, you was already taking it delicately. 
Slowly i shaked the head in sign of dissent.
Everything this was going ahead from long time and i wanted see again the city that charmed me the first time you has taken me there: Zora had must to be defeat. 
Just with a glance, you have undertood it and you have launched a gaze to Lizard who has just nodded. 
In that instant it fallen a deathly silence, among us.”


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