“We came out from” – |50|

The Chameleon woman apartment with just one thought in mind. In that short walk that it would take us in the storage room, we had decided to stay in silence, hand in hand, while in background the Whale sang her lullaby at the city.
The door of the storage room was the last door of that alley and it made angle with the wall painted with colored graffiti that was mark the end of the street. You had the keys to open it, but this time, before to open it, you have stopped yourself to look at me still one second more.
The little light outside the storage room was drawing strange shadows on our faces, but the only things well distincted, were our eyes, and in that instants was what we had  need.
We were looked us still a bit, then we threw away the air from the lungs. 
I leaned myself  on the wall, while you was pulling out the keys from the pocket and i was observing each your moves, and it seemed everything so surreal. That soft light, those stranges shadows, and above all you, that at each click of the keyhole, was launching me a glance. 
When you have opened the door, you have left me to pass, but in those instants our bodies  were soft touched themselves and that rustle of clothes created a strange alchemy, that though seemed was disappeared in the exact moment we entered.
The cold light automatically, was it turned on inside.
We entered in silence, while our heads were full of  what we had as soon we heard from the Chameleon woman. 
It seemed that the Turquoise building, was the last bulwark of the Zora’s empire, but now, that it got free, she was ready to unleash something more terrible than she had, already, done.
And we were only two persons, with a miserable number creatures, and we didn’t know, if really, they were ready to fight her.
I went to the squared window and a moved the blu curtain, i saw  bit of  paws, webbed feets, and i heard some strange squakes. The normal buzz of Blue City was making its course in front of me. 
You was looking at me from the bed camp. 
Besides the heater, our breathes seemed got warming the room. 
Without made you noticed by me, you sweetly, came behind me and with all your gentleness, you have embraced me tight. For a bit we remained like this to stare the passage of the inhabitants, then i spinned and our glances met. 
We didn’t have say nothing, then i dived myself in your chest and you have tighted me stronger. 
Then in a thread of voice youi said:”We must to rest”, so i lifted again the face toward you, and i nodded. Sweetly you taken my hand and delicately we laid on the bed camp one in front another, and slowly, our souls were merged, and your hands has started caress my body with the most sweet attention you could give me. 
In those instants you have could feel all my fragility. You was understanding the importance of your soft touches,
and i needed just those, and of your eyes set inside mine.
We have continued to stared us like this, without say nothing, and your soft touches were continuing till we were fallen asleep. 
That night your breathe has craddled me all the time, and your embrace has protected me from all bad thought that i could have.”


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