I’m trying don’t

Going crazy. 
Tonight our eletric shocks were strong and very fast… i didn’t have understand the reason, but i knew you was about do something. 
Just when i turned on again my cell i saw what you have published. You was choosing which part to publish. 
That’s why our eletrick shocks were faster than usual!! 
More i think about it, more i can’t hold back the tears.
Never our eletrick shocks were been strong and fast, and now that i saw what our connection can do, i’m more conviced that there is something magical between us. 
I’m shocked more than usual.
Our connection is something real.
I’m throwing away from the lungs more than usual.
I’m trying to don’t going crazy and to don’t cry
This connection is pure magical. 
I whisper you ” don’t ever let me”
You make me feel ALIVE.


Here the italian trascription


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